Illegal Immigration

The federal government has long ignored its obligations to protect and secure our border. Cartel smuggling networks are overrunning farmers and ranchers along the Texas border, and the same networks that smuggle illegal immigrants into our country are used to smuggle drugs and spread related violence. As a result, Kyle has had to step up. Kyle has dramatically increased state funding for more law enforcement and technology on the border. Last session, he put an end to sanctuary city policies put in place by liberal big city governments that ignore federal immigration laws and make our neighborhoods less safe.

Fiscal Conservative

Balanced budgets, low taxes and controlling our spending are bedrock principles of all conservatives. The Federal government may not operate on those principals, but it’s how Texas handles its business. Kyle has passed balanced budgets that cut billions in taxes and preserves the balance in the state’s Rainy Day Fund. Kyle is committed to increasing transparency, cutting spending and reducing waste, fraud and abuse in the state budget.


An educated workforce is necessary to maintain our state’s record-setting economic growth. Kyle believes we must prioritize our public education spending and bring accountability to the system. That is why he will fight for your hard earned tax dollars to go to the classroom, not to the hands government bureaucrats. He believes in supporting our teachers and providing them the time to truly teach our students. In recent sessions, Kyle passed bills to improve public school accountability and lessen the emphasis on high stakes standardized tests.

Private Property Rights

Protecting private property rights is essential to the economic success of our citizens and the continuance of our agricultural heritage. Kyle believes that landowners deserve a fair shake and equal footing at the negotiating table. That is why he championed legislation in the last session to reform the eminent domain process, bringing increased transparency and accountability. Kyle looks forward to fighting to reform eminent domain in the coming session and continuing to stand up for Texan’s rights.

Religious Liberty and Family Values

Liberal special interests are constantly attacking our family values and seek to restrict our religious liberty guaranteed to us in the First Amendment of the Constitution. In the past two sessions alone, Kyle passed the “Pastor Protection Act” and a bill called “American Laws for American Courts” which prohibits the application of any foreign law that violates U.S. or Texas constitutional law.


Kyle is 100% committed to protecting the lives of the unborn. A proven advocate for the unborn, Kyle has passed numerous pro-life bills including a ban on partial-birth abortions, demanding lifesaving reforms of clinics, and defunding Planned Parenthood.

2nd Amendment

In addition to ranching, Kyle owns and operates a dynamic hunting business. He firmly believes in the second amendment. Kyle authored several pieces of legislation aimed at protecting our right to bear arms including: campus carry, open carry, decreasing the license to carry fee, and a constitutional amendment guaranteeing our right to hunt and fish.

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